A-AAGORA at the 2nd European Climate Pact Lunch Talk Webinar

Dr. Emma Verling, leader of AAGORA’s Demo IE team, and a Research Fellow at maREI, did a talk at the 2nd European Climate Pact Lunch Talk Webinar, which took place online at 1:00pm on Thursday, 6th June 2024. Emma’s talk addressed ‘The Critical Intersection of Biodiversity, Ecosystem Restoration, and Climate Change Solutions’, and featured A-AAGORA prominently.

The line up of speakers included Climate Pact Ambassador, Rhiannon Laubach, and Dr. Breffni Lennon, Research Fellow at UCC.

The aim of the session was to improve knowledge and awareness on climate policy and action, and its target audience were people who are passionate about creating awareness on various thematic areas relating to climate change.

Emma did a brief general presentation of A-AAGORA, followed by some information about the Irish demonstration area, and specifically Harper’s Island Wetlands. She also addressed the main challenges faced at the Irish coast.

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