Special Call for Associated Regions

A-AAGORA is looking for 2 additional “Associated Regions” to join the project and thus contribute to the achievement of the EU Mission to Rescue our Ocean and Waters.

With a financial support of to 70 000€, A-AAGORA expects to select ‘Associated Regions’ in the Arctic Basin and Baltic or Atlantic Basin to participate in the project activities.

Find more information and submit your application bellow

  • A Living Lab Approach to Solve Real World Challenges
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Engagement with Local Partners and Communities
  • Technical Assistance for Capacity Building for Ecosystem-based Management
  • Enable opportunities for matchmaking with potential funders, investors and philanthropists
  • Participation in Workshops and Training Activities
  • Co-develop Blueprints and Business Plans for Upscaling the Nature-based Solutions
  • Engage with Local Communities for an Ecosystem-based Management approach
  • Test and give feedback on the solutions developed by the demo sites

31st January 2024

Open call Lunch

20th March 2024

Submissions deadline

31st March 2024

Selected Regions Announcement

May 2024

Project Implementation

31st May 2026

Project End

For any questions, reach out to us at cesam-a_aagora@ua.pt

A-AAGORA Associated Regions must be part of the Member States, overseas and Associated Countries to the Horizon Europe Programme. Countries that are part from the A-AAGORA consortium cannot participate: Portugal, Ireland, Norway, France, Germany, United Kingdom Romania, and Finland.

1 Associated Countries https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/docs/2021-2027/common/guidance/list-3rd-country-participation_horizon-euratom_en.pdf

Eligible beneficiaries for this call are local and/or regional organisations based on the eligible countries. Project lead by local and/or regional authorities will be prioritized, and in any case, projects must include a local/regional authority.

All required information is available in the ‘Guide for Applicants’ document. You can find it here.

  • Participation in workshops and training activities.
  • Co-develop blueprints and business plans for upscaling the Nature-based solutions.
  • Engage with local communities for an Ecosystem-based Management approach.
  • Test and give feedback on the solutions developed by the A-AAGORA demonstrators.