EU Mission

Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030

The ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030 ‘ Mission aims to improve the health of our oceans and waters, reflecting the European Green Deal. It is one of 5 missions under Horizon Europe, working towards a greener, more inclusive and resilient globe. The Missions seek to provide solutions to global challenges through innovative research, governance, collaboration and citizen engagement. The missions have ambitious goals and aim to deliver tangible results by 2030.

Mission Objectives

Protect And Restore Marine And Freshwater Ecosystems And Biodiversity

  • Protect at least 30% and strictly protect 10% EU’s sea areas
  • Restore 25.000km free flowing rivers
  • Marine nature restoration targets (Incl. Degraded seabeds, coastal ecosystems

Prevent And Eliminate Pollution Of Our Ocean, Seas And Waters

  • Reduce by at least 50% plastic litter
  • Reduce by at least 30% microplastics
  • Reduce by at least 50% nutrient losses, chemical pesticides

Make the Sustainable Blue Economy Carbon-Neutral and Circular

  • Net zero maritime emissions
  • Zero Carbon aquaculture
  • Low carbon multipurpose uses of marine space

PREP4BLUE project will be supporting the R&I goals of the ‘Mission: Restore our Ocean & Waters’ and facilitate its successful implementation, especially during this first phase (2022-2025)

The Mission will roll out lighthouses across four EU sea and river basins

Lighthouses are small-scale, place-based pilot projects supporting the development and deployment of transformative innovation:

A-AAGORA is one of the 3 projects, together with BLUEMISSIONAA and CLIMAREST that are part of the Atlantic & Arctic Basin Lighthouse

The main goal of the Atlantic & Arctic Basin Lighthouse is to protect and restore marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

Build and mobilise governance frameworks and networks through multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral cooperation

Develop and deploy a comprehensive monitoring and reporting framework to measure the progress of the implementation of the Mission.

Develop and maintain a fair catalogue of existing scientific and practical actionable knowledge as well as innovative solutions and making it accessible for stakeholders in the Atlantic and Arctic basins and beyond.

Develop a dynamic entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem in the Atlantic and Arctic basin

Engage and empower citizens to contribute to the Mission and boost society uptake of new solutions

Join the Mission Charter

Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030

The Charter of the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters 2030” calls for joining efforts to achieve the objectives of the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030!

The EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters 2030” aims to protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems by 2030 through research, innovation, citizen engagement, and blue investment. Pledging to the Mission Charter is the first step for European citizens, researchers, investors, businesses, and public authorities to mobilize resources and take collective action. Pledges can support R&I, offer knowledge or data access, deploy new solutions, provide education, or engage citizens in protecting aquatic ecosystems – all actions are welcome!

To help you make your pledge PREP4BLUE project has put together a useful guide full of hints and tips. You can download the guide here.

This Charter is non-binding and open to any public or private interested parties. You can contribute by pledging actions to co-design, propose and implement policies, programmes, projects or initiatives that will contribute to the restoration of our ocean and waters.

The Mission wants to hear from you!

Remember, when asked how you heard about the Mission Charter, tell the Commission it was us: Select ‘other’ on the pledge form and mention A-AAGORA