Centro Region in Portugal (NUT2 Centro, code PT16) Demonstrations in Aveiro

Why this Demo?

The region includes diverse landscapes, including coastal wetlands classified under the Ramsar Convention and Natura 2000 network. The region’s location has enabled economic, cultural, and recreational activities, including related to tourism, fisheries, and maritime activities. The resulting pressures combined with climate change pressures translates into multiple pressures in natural habitats (coastal erosion).

Demonstrations in Portugal will demonstrate how:

  • Decarbonization via partial replacement of fossil fuels by advanced waste-based fuels can contribute to sustainable tourism activities and how small port areas might reduce GHG emissions.
  • Technological innovation for climate change adaptation to coastal erosion can provide forecast or real-time services to be available in web applications for coastal communities.
  • To apply EBM as a principle for managing and building climate resilience and the wealth of biodiversity, and to mitigate anthropogenic pressures  having natured based artificial substrate units for biodiversity restoration.

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