A-AAGORA at Alternet Day: Leading the Way in Coastal Restoration

Ana Lillebø, A-AAGORA project coordinator, delivered a keynote address at Alternet Day, part of the Sustainability Research + Innovation Congress 2024 in Helsinki, Finland, on June 12th. The event focused on ecosystem restoration, exploring methods to enhance biodiversity and deliver multiple ecosystem benefits. It emphasized the role of ecosystem restoration in tackling the triple planetary crises of biodiversity loss, climate change, and pollution.

Ana’s keynote, titled “Coastal Restoration with Nature and People: Showcasing a Living Lab Approach,” highlighted the innovative strategies employed by the A-AAGORA project in coastal restoration. She underscored the importance of a living lab approach, which integrates community involvement to achieve sustainable ecological, social, and economic outcomes. Her presentation provided valuable insights into effective coastal ecosystem restoration practices and their long-term sustainability.

The session also featured discussions on nature-based solutions for wetland preservation in Cameroon and key environmental factors impacting mangrove ecosystems. Ana’s participation underscored the critical role of community engagement in the success of coastal restoration initiatives.

Stay tuned for further updates on our efforts to protect coastal ecosystems and promote sustainability.

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