County Cork in Ireland (NUT2 South-West, code IE05) Demonstrations in Cork

Why this Demo?

The southwest of Ireland, specifically the coastline of County Cork, is home to several internationally and European protected sites due to their ecological significance in terms of species and habitats such as seabirds and cetaceans. However, the coast is facing multiple challenges such as coastal erosion exacerbated by climate change impacts, including seasonal variations in visitor numbers and land-use.
To address these challenges, Demo IE aims to explore the interplay between coastal protection, climate adaptation, and nature-based restoration, taking advantage of an engaged citizenry to promote an integrated and participatory approach to coastal management and planning. The initiative seeks to improve the knowledge base to support informed decision-making and facilitate partnerships at the local and regional levels.

Demonstrations in Ireland will demonstrate:

  • The use of remote sensing to support coastal protection at local and regional coastal locations.
  • How NbS such as sand dune restoration can be facilitated using a citizen science approach.
  • How biodiversity protection and invasive species management (e.g. Spartina anglica management within saltmarsh habitat) can form part of a viable and effective NbS involving coastal stakeholders.
  • How community focussed coastal climate adaptation and resilience can be developed to embed QH and EBM practices and theory, increase expertise in NbS and facilitate continued implementation within coastal communities.

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