Danube and Black Sea Lighthouse Launching Event 2023

On March 3rd, 2023, the “Danube and Black Sea Lighthouse Launching Event” took place in Bucharest, Romania, bringing together community and sectoral stakeholders in the Danube and Black Sea marine region. The launch event was a significant step forward in the efforts to restore the Danube and Black Sea ecological balance, by addressing the challenges facing the region’s marine ecosystem.

The event presented the “Mission Restore Our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and Danube and Black Sea Lighthouse initiatives. These initiatives are part of a global effort to restore and preserve the health of the world’s oceans and waters.

Three consortium partners – Smarter Mobility Solutions, ACTEON, and Universitatea Politehnica Din Bucuresti (UPB) – represented A-AAGORA at this event.

The event allowed engagement with colleagues and stakeholders from other lighthouses, including those in the Danube, Baltic, and Mediterranean regions. This engagement aimed to create synergies on solutions related to restoration from different basins, strengthen links with public bodies and experts from other regions, and help find partners in associated regions.

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