Special Call for Associated Regions in Arctic and Baltic/Atlantic Basins

We are delighted to announce the opening of a special call for Associated Regions in the Arctic Basin and Baltic or Atlantic Basin to participate in the A-AAGORA project. Aiming to expand our reach and impact, the A-AAGORA consortium seeks to support two additional ‘Associated Regions’ one in each of these basins, offering a maximum financial support of EUR 70,000 per region.

Applicants for this call are invited to propose the implementation of demonstration activities within their regions, focusing on restoration initiatives using a Living Lab Approach. This approach emphasizes the active involvement of local citizens and stakeholders in the implementation, testing, and monitoring of solutions, fostering adaptive strategies tailored to regional needs.

Role of Associated Regions at A-AAGORA project:

The selected ‘Associated Regions’ will play a pivotal role in a dynamic cooperation framework, facilitating bidirectional knowledge exchange, stakeholder engagement, and technical assistance for capacity building in restoration solutions implementation. Additionally, they will become integral members of the A-AAGORA Community of Practice (CoP), enabling the exchange of experiences and best practices beyond the project’s duration.

In the short term (within the 1st year of implementation):

Selected regions will assess local frameworks, engage stakeholders, and initiate impact-driven restoration activities. Medium-term goals include planning Nature-based Solutions replication activities and contributing valuable data to the project’s lighthouse blueprint. In the long term, the experiences and information gleaned from Associated Regions will enhance lighthouse preparedness for deployment and upscaling.

Call opening: 1st May 2024

Call closing date: 31st May 2024

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