A-AAgora Participative Local Workshops

A-AAgora Participative Local Workshops

As part of the A-AAGORA project’s innovative solutions to protect the oceans, by protecting and restoring coastal areas in the Atlantic-Arctic Basin, our three demonstrators are actively engaged in various activities. These include promoting and encouraging collaboration with local stakeholders and the local community.

In Portugal, Demo Portugal has organised three participatory workshops in the Centro region – Aveiro, Peniche and Figueira da Foz. These workshops serve as a platform for A-AAGORA to engage with the local community, citizens, and coastal stakeholders. By understanding the needs, opinions, concerns and experiences of the region, we contribute with valuable insights to environmental research. This active involvement of citizens supports our cause and promotes environmentally, socially and economically sustainable management strategies.

Together, step by step, we are making a positive impact on the region, raising awareness, and facilitating communication about future information, tools and public policies on the topic.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as A-AAGORA continues to create new opportunities and make a positive impact on our ocean and waters.

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