A-AAGORA at the Transport and Research Arena Conference 2024

Participation of A-AAGORA in the Transport Research Arena 2024 conference

We are delighted to share the recent participation of Margarida Coelho, representing the University of Aveiro, at the Transport Research Arena 2024 (TRA 2024) held in Dublin from April 15th to 18th, 2024.

During this conference, Margarida actively contributed to various sessions and presentations, showcasing her expertise and involvement in critical discussions surrounding transportation research and innovation.

Here are the key highlights of Margarida’s engagements at TRA 2024:

Monday, Technical Session Chair: Margarida chaired the technical session 2.2.1 focused on Decarbonisation, demonstrating her leadership and expertise in the field.

Tuesday, Paper Presentations: Margarida presented two papers developed within the A-AAGORA, in collaboration with the University of Aveiro and Port of Aveiro. The presentations included:

  • Oral Presentation “Improving Transport Performance and Decarbonisation Potential in Small-Medium Ports,” shedding light on sustainable transport solutions.
  • Poster Presentation titled “Green Mobility for Small-Medium Ports: a GHG Emissions Web Calculator,” showcasing innovative approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in port operations.

Wednesday, Editorial Engagement: In the afternoon, Margarida visited the Elsevier exhibit area in her capacity as an Associate Editor of the journal Transportation Research Part D – Transport and Environment. Her presence reaffirmed her commitment to advancing research in the transportation sector.

Margarida’s active participation and contributions at TRA 2024 underscore the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing transportation challenges and fostering sustainable solutions.

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