A-AAGORA’s Engagement at CLIMAREST Consortium Meeting

A-AAGORA’s Engagement at CLIMAREST Consortium Meeting

We are pleased to share insights from A-AAGORA’s recent participation in the CLIMAREST consortium meeting held in Brest, France. A-AAGORA’s project coordinator, Ana Lillebø, and José Moutinho (from AIRC and BluemissionAA) attended the meeting , underscoring A-AAGORA’s commitment to fostering collaboration and synergy within the realm of ocean conservation.

The meeting provided a valuable platform for exchanging ideas and best practices among sibling projects, with a particular focus on Mission Ocean-related initiatives. Ana’s engagement with fellow project coordinators and consortium facilitated fruitful discussions on strategies for stakeholder engagement, replication, and upscaling of innovative solutions.

A highlight of the gathering was a productive discussion held at Pointe Saint-Mathieu, where Ana Lillebø and Ida Beathe Øverjordet, CLIMAREST’s coordinator, explored new approaches to common challenges in ocean protection and conservation, having the opportunity to visit a lighthouse.

This collaborative exchange has set the stage for further cooperation and strategic alignment among projects dedicated to ocean protection and restoration. A-AAGORA remains committed to leveraging collective expertise to drive meaningful impact in coastal restoration and environmental stewardship.

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