A-AAGORA at UN Ocean Days conference

A-AAGORA Project Takes the Stage at UN Ocean Decade Conference

The A-AAGORA project, which aims to foster collaboration and innovation in marine research and conservation, recently made waves at the 2024 UN Ocean Decade Conference, held in Barcelona from April 10 to 12, 2024. The conference, co-organized by Spain and UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC/UNESCO), celebrated achievements and set priorities for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).

Session Spotlight: Role of G20 in UN Ocean Decade

Jose Luiz Moutinho, from AIRC, represented BlueMissionAA CSA and A-AAGORA project and took the spotlight during a session that delved into the role of the G20 in implementing and leaving a lasting legacy for the UN Ocean Decade. The session underscored the imperative for on-ground projects and initiatives that yield tangible impacts. Mission Restore our Oceans and Waters, BlueMissionAA, and the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance were among the key contributors, emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts in driving ocean conservation.

Building a Strong Scientific Community

A-AAGORA’s project coordinator, Ana Lillebø, had the honour of presenting the project’s vision and objectives at the session titled “Building a Strong Scientific Community in Support of a Sustainable Atlantic Ocean.” Focused on fostering marine research and cooperation across the Atlantic-Arctic basin, the session highlighted the crucial role of initiatives like the A-AAGORA project in advancing ocean science and sustainability.

Ana’s presentation highlighted A-AAGORA’s contribution to cooperative, solution-based ocean science, which aims to ensure a healthy and sustainable ocean for future generations.

Exploring Opportunities for Collaboration

During the conference, the A-AAGORA project actively engaged in various activities, including poster sessions and discussions, to explore opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Participants had the chance to immerse themselves in the project’s innovative approaches and solutions aimed at ensuring a healthy and sustainable ocean ecosystem for generations to come.

Furthermore, the A-AAGORA project actively sought synergies with related initiatives and sibling projects, such as CLIMAREST, to amplify its impact and foster collaboration in addressing pressing ocean conservation challenges. By leveraging the expertise and resources of CLIMAREST, and other allied projects, A-AAGORA aims to enhance the effectiveness of its strategies and contribute to the collective efforts towards a sustainable ocean future. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative endeavours, the project aims to maximize its reach and make meaningful strides towards achieving its goals.

Looking Ahead

As the conference ended, the A-AAGORA project remained dedicated to its mission of promoting positive change in ocean conservation and research. Follow #AAAGORA for the most recent updates and insights into the A-AAGORA project.

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