Cork County Council (CCC)

Cork County Council (CCC), Ireland, is a Local Authority and thus the main vehicle of governance and public service at local level. The organisation provides a broad range of diverse services to approximately 400,000 citizens. Some services are well publicised, for example: Housing, Roads, Planning, and Environment, but there are a range of other quality services that we provide to our communities, such as Libraries, Fire Service, Community Funding, LEADER, and Arts and Heritage.

Additionally, Cork County Council was also selected by national government to be the lead authority for the regional Climate Action Regional Office (CARO) due to the local authority’s previous expertise and success in the area. Cork County Council leads the Atlantic Seaboard South CARO, which supports and coordinates climate action undertaken by the five Local Authorities of Clare, Limerick, Kerry, Cork City and Cork County. This is a key national role in coordinating climate mitigation and adaptation actions across the region and is essential in in order to adequately and effectively respond to the challenges of climate change.

In terms of the A-AAGORA project Cork County Council will co-lead with UCC the Irish Demonstration site.