Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL)

Established in 1978 as part of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Nova SBE’s mission is to build a global school dedicated to the development of talent and knowledge that produces impact across society. It is in the top-30 European business schools (FT) and is the only Portuguese school to hold the Eduniversal 5 Palms distinction, confirming its category of Universal Business School. The Nova SBE Environmental Economics Knowledge Center’s mission is to produce high-quality, interdisciplinary research by fostering cooperation between natural and social scientists.

The current research program focuses on the following thematic areas: climate mitigation and adaptation; energy transitions; air pollution; water resources management; valuation of ecosystem services, urban greening and land use management; oceans and marine resources management (bioeconomic modelling), smart cities, and the EU Green Deal. In A-AAGORA UNL leads WP4, and co-leads one task in WP1, besides other collaborations with other WPs.