Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, IP (IPMA)

IPMA is a Public Research Institution devoted to Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences and Technology. IPMA’s mission is the provision of technical and scientific support for the definition of national policy, operating and maintaining scientific infrastructures, data acquisition and processing, maintenance of national scientific databases on its areas of competence, and promotion and coordination of scientific research and technological development in its areas of expertise. These areas include, among others, marine biology, ecology, water and sediment contaminants, toxicology, and, in general, most of the scientific fields related to ocean, meteorology and climate.

IPMA also aims to promote and support a sustainable and competitive fishing industry and aquaculture, to contribute for the protection of marine environment, to manage fish stocks to maintain maximum sustainable exploitation and to monitor and upgrade the quality of fishery and aquaculture products, ensuring scientific and technical support for policies defined by the Ministry of Economy and the Sea. In A-AAGORA, IPMA will provide relevant data to achieve the goals of the Demo-PT.