CLIMAREST Call for Replication projects

CLIMAREST is looking for the active involvement of one associated region (replication site) during the demonstration period (2024-2025) and after the project end to showcase the feasibility of the CLIMAREST solutions demonstrated in Svalbard and to prepare for implementation and scale up of the tested tools and technologies in the associated region.

The objective of the call is to facilitate the replication of demonstrated solutions for marine restoration in associated regions in new projects after CLIMAREST is finished (2026-2030). Suitable associated regions are the those with similar challenges and needs for restoration and climate-resilience measures as the CLIMAREST demonstration area in Svalbard (read more here: 

Organizations in the following countries are eligible to apply Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and United Kingdom. Third parties from the associated regions are expected to take part in the preparation of replication blueprints and business roadmaps for replication in their region based on the experiences in the CLIMAREST demonstration case.

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