2nd Call for Associated Regions A-AAGORA

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2nd Call for Associated Regions to participate in A-AAGORA project. The A-AAGORA consortium aims to support 7 ‘Associated Regions’ with a financial contribution of up to EUR 70 000 per region, ranging the 4 referential basins (Atlantic & Arctic, Baltic, Mediterranean, and Danube & Black Sea).

The A-AAGORA project will engage and work with selected ‘Associated Regions’ to showcase the feasibility, replicability and scale-up of the solutions developed within the project in other areas with ecosystems that can benefit from the demonstration activities.

These ‘Associated Regions’ will implement at least one of the A-AAGORA restauration activities, using a Living Lab Approach – the solutions will be implemented, tested, and monitored with the involvement of local citizens and stakeholders, and can change and evolve as the project learn is best for the region.

Call opening: 24th July 2023

Call closing date: 24th September 2023

Find more information here.

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