A-AAGORA participated in the 10 Years of the Galway Statement Event

In a momentous celebration of ten years since the signing of the Galway Statement, A-AAGORA proudly participated in an event that marked a decade of collaborative achievements in marine research across the Atlantic Ocean. Co-hosted by the European Commission, the Irish Government, the Marine Institute, and the University of Galway, this noteworthy occasion unfolded over two days, from July 5-6, 2023, in Galway, Ireland.

The event, held in a hybrid format, brought together global leaders, policymakers, and organisations dedicated to advancing ocean research and innovation. Attendees witnessed a reflection on the transformative journey initiated by the Galway Statement in 2013.

Over the past decade, this collaborative effort has propelled marine research to new heights. More than 1000 research teams have delved into mapping the North Atlantic seabed, revealing deep-water volcanoes, studying the impacts of deep-sea mining, and addressing the challenges posed by a changing climate on biodiversity.

In the event A-AAGORA played an important role during the event, taking the stage on Thursday, July 6, at the University of Galway. Emma Verling, representing A-AAGORA, delivered a compelling presentation during the session moderated by Szilvia Nemeth, Deputy Head of Unit for Healthy Ocean and Seas at the European Commission. Emma’s presentation highlighted A-AAGORA’s ongoing initiatives, emphasizing the project commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in marine research along the Atlantic Ocean.

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